Hound Group

Otterhound - General Information

Weight: male: 115, female: 80 lbs

Height: male: 27, female: 24 inches

Color(s): any

Character: Otterhounds are very cheerful and jolly, making them a joy to be around. They are friendly, intelligent, but can be willful and independent making training a bit more difficult.
Temperament: Making a good house pet, this dog does very well with other animals and people. Being so friendly with people, including strangers, the Otterhound does not do well as a guard or watchdog. However, this dog does love to bay and alert at the slightest of noises.

Care: Weekly brushing will be sufficient, however twice a week is best to keep this coat free of matting. If being used for show, the Otterhound should not have his coat clipped, as this dog should have a natural appearing coat. Beard must be washed frequently to prevent caking and debris.

Training: Being very willful and independent, variety, consistency, and patience is the key with this friendly dog. This breed does not respond well to firm training, but softer and more patient techniques.

Activity: A large yard is best for the Otterhound. This dog loves to swim and run so he does require daily exercise. Long walks with his master suit this dog well, but he does best with a fenced in yard.